Earlier years

I've owned a variety of audio equipment over the years. In the 70's I had a homebuilt 250W Class A amplifier wired to a Luxman CL350 and a Thorens TD124 player. Then came things like Ampzilla's, Sansui AU9900/TU9900, Pioneer Elite VSX94-TXH with speakers like Bose, B&W, Cabasse, Cerwin Vega, Martin Logan Vista a.o. These days I live in a smaller home and had to downsize. Now I use an Emotiva Amplifier, a couple of Emotiva Bookshelf Speakers and a Martin Logan Grotto Subwoofer.

Last year

I ripped my entire CD and record collection to save space so I now have over 20,000 flac-files. I then built a simple streamer based on a Raspberry Pi4B equipped with the Allo Digione Signature SPDIF board. I have been connecting its output to the Emotiva's integral DAC. It sounds very good, but perhaps not as good as it could be!


I really wanted to build something of my own again as I have a bit more time. It is not likely I would find a better SPDIF Streamer than the RPi4B/DigiOne Signature unless I spend a large sum of money. But I certainly want a better DAC. Looking around I saw some good reviews about the Schiit Modi and the cost of it was reasonable so I got it. I also wanted a nice touch display. Could probably do without it, but it adds som glitz to the design, so why not?

I continued to look for a good DYI amplifier solution that I could build primarily from subassemblies. I looked at the Danish Purifi and, although very intriguing I really don't need that much power. I also looked at several others, but after a while I found the boards designed by Tom Christiansen at Neurochrome. The specifications and test results are outstanding so the decision was made.

Things would not be complete without a good preamplifier having a few selectable inputs and a high quality buffer and headphone amplifier. At Neurochrome I also found a set of boards that allow me to build a unit having exceptional specifications. But something was still missing here. I wanted a way to adjust the sound to my liking whenever desired. I found the Schiit Loki Mini+ Tone Controller. Its simplicity and spec's fit my bill perfectly so I decided to incorporate that "Schiit" into the preamplifier.