The Claudio products have been designed to fit enclosures manufactured by Modushop in Italy. I chose their black versions having 10mm thick silver front panels. I decided to add some hardwood trim on the front to make them blend in with my furniture. The manufacturer machined the panels according to my drawings.

For easy of use I have incorporated a simple remote feature that allowing me to switch the preamplifier on and off and adjust the volume. The streamer and amplifier power is controlled by trigger signals.

The size of the enclosures are 340mm (W) by approx. 250mm (D) and 90mm (H) so when stacked on top of each other it is a quite compact setup. The manufacturers homepages describing the enclosure used for the streamer and the preamplifier is here and the amplifier enclosure link is here.

For a more detailed description of the planned project click on an image above.