The Claudio Project

Updated Mar 11, 2023



Here is an overview on how I'm building a Streamer/DAC, a Preamplifier and a 120W Power Amplifier. I have given them the name “CLaudio” for “CLean Audio”. My aim was to put together devices that will allow streaming and playing my favorite music with no discernible noise and minimal distortion.

What led up to this project is described on the background page. A more detailed description of each device follows on the detail pages. The project is in process and I will post changes and updates here as it happens. Due to component shortages I been waiting several months for some of the parts. Once the units are built and tested I will post actual photos here together with finalized construction deails and parts lists. And I shall share my views after listening and comparing with what I'm currently using.

Snapshot Dec 22, 2022

DAC front panel assembly fit test Feb 14, 2023

Amplifier finally finished Mar 11, 2023 (more here)